Friday, 9 November 2012


My kids love halloween!  I really enjoy it too...except for the 10 lbs of candy that is left over for us all to eat.  Beckett was determined to go as Micheal Jackson this year but settled on Thor!  He was very pleased with his costume.  Eden went at Dorothy.  Faith sewed her costume which turned out SO CUTE!!  Sawyer wore his same costume as last year as his interest is waning but he still wants candy.  I bought Faith a morph suit which was really weird but a lot of kids wore them.  She enjoyed it.  Faith went trick-or-treating with about 10 friends and Sawyer brought his friend, Chase.  It was a fun night!  How could I forget!!  Eden talked Kyle into dressing up like Scarecrow.  Kyle was hesitant but didn't want to let her down.    We ended the night with Eden blowing out the candles on her Doctor Who cake.


Mary said...

Wait -- Faith sewed Eden's costume? That is so amazing! It turned out so well! And, yes, Matthew was very impressed that Kyle dressed up -- something that he would never do himself. They're all cuties!

Holli said...

Oh I love that Faith sewed her costume!! Impressed!!
But oh how I LOVE Kyle for dressing up!!!! :-) So glad you are still blogging!! Almost caught up to you!!:-)